Netizens slam Sajid Khan for his game, Ankit Gupta receives support

Bigg Boss fans have always been vocal about the contestants and their games. Time and again, fans have spoken about their favorites, about the gameplay of various contestants, among other things. Now, it is Sajid Khan and Ankit Gupta who is some of the most talked about contestants, especially after last night’s episode.

Bigg Boss16 has been one of the maxima talked about suggests proper now, and well, this is a few greater from lovers, on what they consider the contestants. While lovers have picked their favorites, time and again, there appear to be times that get humans to talk, and the remaining night’s task is one of these times as well. Two contestants taking the middle level are Sajid Khan and Ankit Gupta.


For a while now, many have pointed out how Sajid, is one of those contestants, who has never been nominated in all these 7 weeks. This comes after last night’s task, and the nomination that followed. Many, think that Sajid is not only receiving extra privileges but also think he is here on a holiday and is playing it conveniently.

Netizens have also pointed out how Sajid took the lighter from the smoking room with Abdu’s help but had someone else done this, it wouldn’t have gone down well. This is only one of the so many instances that have led people to talk about how Sajid is not being treated like other contestants in the house.





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