Instagram rolls out ‘Notes’ feature: Trigger Memes

Instagram, a Meta-owned messaging platform, has introduced a new feature called ‘Notes’. This feature allows users to create short notes which have a 60-character limit. The notes created by users will be visible to the followers in the DM section and just like Instagram stories, Notes vanish after 24 hours. The responses that followers send will appear as DMs to the users.

Here’s how to use Instagram’s Notes feature:

STEP 1 Update to the latest version of the Instagram app.

STEP 2 Open the Instagram app.

STEP 3 Now, move to the DM section.

STEP 4 Now, tap on ‘Your Note’. Type out whatever’s on your mind.

STEP 5 Depending on who you want to share your Note with, choose between Followers you follow back or close friends.

STEP 6 Hit share and it is done.

After entering the message, select the individuals you wish to share it with by tapping the “Close friends” option and then hitting the share button. This tool makes it simple to invite friends or make any important announcement.

Over the past few months, Instagram has been actively vocal about bringing new features and developments. Now, the Notes seem to be one of these additions.

Meanwhile, Instagram, a Meta-owned messaging platform has been reported also working on developing a user safety feature that would protect users from receiving unsolicited nude images in their direct messages (DMs). Cyberflashing has reportedly been a crime that has made it easier to harass people. In order to filter out such behavior online, Instagram is developing a feature to shield people from explicit content as per reports.

The new feature can come in handy to the creators, influencers and businesses for sharing news, updates and other important information.

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