How do I grow my Instagram fast?


Gaining thousands of real followers on Instagram is not rocket science. You just have to be consistent, make unique content, and partner with an Instagram get followers for instagram free influencer marketing agency. I have noticed that the Instagram accounts of many celebrities, and sportspersons are gaining millions of followers within no time. Some people boost instagram post gain followers overnight after their reel or post gets viral. But, it cannot be the same case with everyone.


Below are some basic rules you must follow to gain more followers regularly.

1. Don’t forget to put hashtags that will help increase the number of followers: #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes, and #followback.

2. like as much as possible. For every 100 likes given to random photos, you’ll get an average of 6 new subscribers.

3. Run a contest. The easiest way to do this is to post a themed picture and ask people to like it to participate.

4. Start promoting your profile on your other social media pages. Write about what your blog is about and why people should read it and invite them to join.

5. Be generous with likes and comments – it’s the easiest way to get new subscribers.

6. Use common hashtags to get your photos seen in global searches. Among the most popular are #love, #instagood, #fashion, and #photooftheday.

7. Time is of the essence. Studies have shown that the best time to post is at 2 pm and 5 pm.

8. Subscribe to people who put popular hashtags (#followme, #likeforlike) because many of them will subscribe back to you.

9. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity, that matters. Pro monitor your profile and leave only beautiful and quality photos. Trust me, no one is interested in leafing through hundreds of photos of salads.

10. Love the Mayfair filter. Track Maven put this filter on The Fortune 500 Instagram list as a top choice for marketers.

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11. Make sure you fill out the bio section. Complete it with appropriate words and hashtags, and include a link to your website. But remember no spam! Otherwise, subscribers will lose interest in your profile.

12. Ask your subscribers questions. This is a great way to connect with your target audience.

13. Publish on Sundays. That’s the day people don’t post many photos, so your post will be seen by as many people as possible.

14. Be consistent. Think about who you’re doing it for and why. The more clearly you answer these questions, the faster you’ll attract the right audience.

15. Call people to action. For example, ask them to write their opinion of your photo in the comments.

16. Don’t be afraid to post often. It may seem that the more often a photo is flashed, the more indifferent your followers are. But according to Union Metrics, there’s no correlation between posting frequency and audience engagement. At least not negatively.

17. Subscribe to suggested users. Go to settings and select “Find and Invite Friends” and then “Recommended Users.”

18. Set up geolocation. This will be especially helpful if you’re running an Instagram company. This way you’ll have the opportunity to attract new followers from your neighbors.

19. Plan your posts with Later. Consistency has never stopped anyone. If you are in doubt about which photo to choose, you can use special services for a quick survey, such as Real-Time Feedback From Real People Like You – Helpful.

20. Make an agreement with a popular blogger to advertise your profile or product. This way, information about you will spread faster around the web.

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21. Studies have shown that images in blue get 24% more likes than in orange or red. Post something blue, and you’ll see!

22. Make fasting on Wednesdays a must-do ritual. That’s because you get more attention and likes in the middle of the week.

23. Write the word “comment” in your posts more often. This encourages your subscribers to share their opinions and be more willing to engage in discussion.

24. Post photos that show your face. According to studies, such publications are 35% more popular than others.

25. Tag people in photos. Your post will also be seen by friends of friends.

26. Remember the rule: the lighter, the better.

27. If you have a business account, create a branded hashtag. That way users can mention it when they buy the product. And it will increase your visibility on Instagram several times over.

28. Share live photos. Show that there is a live person behind the pretty picture.

29. Business tip: Share photos of followers where they mention your brand or product. This nice step shows that you appreciate every customer. In return, they’re sure to share your photo in their feed.

30. Make yourself a brand: use your nickname for more than just your profile. A notebook, a case or a branded sticker on your car will definitely attract the attention of potential subscribers.

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31. Invite your Facebook friends to subscribe to you. To do this, select “Find Friends on Facebook” in your profile settings.

32. People love stories. Share your experiences and thoughts, so you’ll gain their trust and build rapport. Just remember that the post should be emotional and vivid, not snotty in sugar.

33. Celebrate people, even in stories, don’t be lazy.

34. Feel free to ask for likes in your posts. As practice has shown, such publications get “like” marks by 89% more.

35. Plan in advance not only the time but also the content. Prepare your content and only then start filling your feed. For example, write posts a few days in advance, and then gradually publish them. The schedule of filling your Instagram will help you not to deviate from the main topic of the blog.

36. Make a post with a motivational or inspirational quote.

37. Synchronize your phone book with your account. Go to settings and select “Contacts” under “For Subscriptions”.

38. Be active in profiles with similar topics. Especially if you run a business profile. Communicate in comments, ask questions and let influential users know about you.

39. Collaborate with other users. Find accounts with the same number of followers and suggest that their owners set up a joint promotion. This will help you and your partners gain an audience and attract new people to you.

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40. Create a unique hashtag that you can use to organize a challenge for your followers.


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