Difference between a Blog and a Website | EXPLAINED

If you are thinking about starting a blog or a website, then understanding these below terms will help you a lot to meet your goals.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a form of internet site wherein the content material is supplied in opposite chronological order (more modern content material seems first). Blog content material is regularly known as entries or “blog posts”.

Blogs are commonly run via way of means of a man or woman or a small institution of human beings to give facts in a conversational fashion. However, now there are lots of company blogs that produce difference between a blog and a website a whole lot of informational and thought-management fashion content material.

Typical weblog posts actually have a feedback segment wherein customers can reply to the article.

History of Blogs

Blogs advanced from online diaries and journals withinside the mid-90s. At that time, net customers have been already jogging private internet pages wherein they posted everyday updates approximately their private lives, thoughts, and social commentary.

The time period internet log become first used in the course of the overdue 90s, which later became `weblog`, then `we weblog`, and eventually just `weblog`.

Due to the developing quantity of such internet pages, numerous equipment began to seem, which made it less complicated for customers to create difference between a blog and a website online journals and private blogs. This equipment helped popularize running a blog and made the generation handy to social media marketing tips for non-technical customers.
In 1999, the famous running blog internet site Blogger.com become launched, which become later received via way of means of Google in February 2003.

In the identical year, WordPress launched its first model as a running blog platform in May 2003.
Today, WordPress is the world`s maximum famous running blog platform powering over 41% of all websites at the net.

What Is The Difference Between Blogs and Websites?

Blogs are a form of the internet site. The best actual distinction between a weblog and different styles of the internet site is that blogs are up to date on an everyday foundation with new content material, that is displayed in opposite chronological order (new weblog posts first).

Typical web sites are static in nature wherein content material is prepared in pages, and they’re now no longer up to date frequently. Whereas a a blog is dynamic, and it is also up to date greater frequently. Some bloggers post more than one new article a day.

Blogs may be a part of a bigger internet site. Often companies have a weblog segment wherein they frequently create content material to tell and teach their customers.

You can use WordPress to create both, an internet site and a weblog, that`s why a whole lot of enterprise proprietors use WordPress to construct their small enterprise internet site.

In easy terms, all blogs may be an internet site or a part of an internet site. However, now no longer all websites may be referred to as blogs.

For example, techieturban is a blog. Our internet site has different content material that is posted in a non-weblog layout like a glossary, approximately us, and speak to pages.

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